Summer Enrichment Programs 2022

Virtual Camps, Courses & Workshops

Our Summer Programs are not only fun, but they will equip your child with essential digital literacy, computational skills and provide a creative & socially engaging experience with other kids across Canada, the US and virtually anywhere on this planet!

Exciting new programs for Summer Camp 2022 – Artificial Intelligence, Python and more!

Our programs are taught on OUTSCHOOL’S virtual platform with live Artech Instructors! Choose a program that fits your family’s schedule: select from Camps, Courses or Workshops. Click on the program image or title for more information& registration on OUTSCHOOL.

CAMPS run daily  Monday – Friday for 5 sessions

SUMMER COURSES run once a week for 5 to 8 sessions

WORKSHOPS run for a single session from 1 to 2 hours

Sunken Ship Treasure Hunt

SUMMER COURSE Dig, Build, Explore and Survive! A Summer Adventure Camp in Minecraft
Ages 7-12 (6 sessions – 6 weeks)

CAMP Imagine – Code – Create! Let’s Start From Scratch – Scratch Camp – Level One
Ages 7-12 (5 sessions – 5 days)

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WORKSHOP Experience 3D: Character Modelling Using ZBrush
Ages 7-12 (Single session)

Out of this world!

CAMP Create Pixel Art and Animation!
Awesome Summer Camp
Ages 7-12 (5 sessions – 5 days)

Out of this world!

CAMP Got an Itch to Code?! Let’s make some Games – Scratch
Ages 8-13 (5 sessions – 5 days)

Sunken Ship Treasure Hunt

SUMMER COURSE Innovate ~ Explore ~ Experiment with Redstone in Minecraft! 
Ages 10-15

CAMP Make Your Own Puzzle Games!
Imagine ~ Design ~ Create!
Ages 10-15  (5 sessions – 5 days)

What an Adventure! Outta' this world!

SUMMER COURSE Code & Create an Alien Space Adventure – It’s Going to Be Outta’ This World!
Ages 9-14

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WORKSHOP Experience 3D Character & Creature
Modeling Using ZBrush
Every Freaky Friday!  Ages 10-15

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SUMMER COURSE Create Retro Style Game Characters & Scenes – Pixel Art & Animation
Ages 12-16 (8 classes – 8 weeks)

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SUMMER COURSE Let’s Make a Game with Gamemaker Studio 2 ~ Design ~ Code ~ Develop!
Ages 11-16 (8 classes – 8 weeks)

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WORKSHOP Experience 3D Character & Creature Modeling 
Ages 11-16 (Single Session)

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WORKSHOP Introduction to Java Programming: Create a Text Based Adventure!
ages 11-16 (Single Session)

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SUMMER COURSE Intro to 3D Character Modeling & Animation With Blender
ages 11-16 (8 classes – 8 weeks)

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SUMMER COURSE Get Started Learning Python Sssssss!
Ages 10-15 (8 classes – 4 weeks)

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

SUMMER COURSE How to Train Your Computer –  Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Ages 11-16 (8 classes – 8 weeks)

You create and control your own worlds!

Games with Unity 3D
Ages 13-18 (8 classes – 4 weeks)

PLUS lots more to come…      hope to see you soon!