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Our Game Design and Coding Workshops are not only fun, but they will equip your students with essential digital literacy, computational skills and provide a creative & socially engaging experience. Available in Canada, the US, overseas and virtually anywhere on this planet! Inquiries

Whether your students aspire to become a Rockstar, a Game Developer or an Astronaut – we have a creative platform from where they can launch their dreams!


We put an “A” in STEAM

STEAM embraces the intersection of Arts with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Students learn new forms of expression that tap into imagination and support a range of academic skills from Mathematics & Technology to Language & Visual Arts.

Workshops spark both left & right brain development, i.e. creative problem solving – a valuable skill in today’s world.


Match curriculum outcomes

Using the latest software programs & games to teach, we keep students engaged & learning.

Mathematical and computational ideas are graphically portrayed and embedded in each step.

Students are applying concepts in meaningful and often in real-world ways. They are developing a deep level of fluency with digital technology!


For different learning styles

Small group learning enables us to respond to diverse learning needs.

Our programs can be modified to serve different interest groups: e.g. special needs students, autistic or gifted students can all benefit from our responsive approach to learning.

Inherent in our approach is the importance to balance individual learning with group based collaboration for optimal results.

Start Coding Games from Scratch

I can code the world!For Beginner Coders: Scratch is the best introduction to computer coding. It offers a visual, block-based computer language.

Create games and interactive stories with Scratch! 

Curriculum Outcomes: With Scratch, students are able to:

  • develop computer programming skills.
  • learn abstract coding concepts such as: loops, conditionals and variables.
  • and develop creative problem solving skills through group projects and teamwork!

Programs available for students in Grades 3-6

Examples of Scratch Workshops

Create an aMazing Adventure Game!
Suitable for Grades 3 & 4, 5 & 6

Students design an aMazing adventure with hidden gems for the player to collect and obstacles for the player to overcome!

Point & Click Adventure Story-Game!
Suitable for Grades 3 & 4

Students craft an adventure story that takes place in some far away kingdom where the hero must conquer … and defeat an irascible …

Space Scroller Video Game
Suitable for Grades 5 & 6

Students will create and develop a Space Adventure Game where they have to navigate obstacles as they race to a distant galaxy! 

Design & Code with Python & Javascript

Various challenges can be presented that tie in to curriculum outcomes.

Curriculum Outcomes:

  • learn abstract coding concepts such as: loops, conditionals and variables.
  • explore coding concepts in artificial intelligence and Machine
  • develop creative problem solving skills through group projects and teamwork

Programs available for students in Grades 5-11

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Create simulations and explore real world challenges to harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning/

Curriculum Outcomes:

  • explore coding concepts in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • develop creative problem solving skills through group projects and teamwork

Programs available for students in Grades 8-12

Flexible scheduling 

Workshops can run for 2-4 hours a day for up to 5 days from Monday – Friday..

Artech Instructors will guide students as they:

  • design & plan their own games/stories.
  • draw & animate their characters.
  • strategize and program the interactive elements and gameplay with coding

Customized Workshops in:

  • Coding: Scratch, Python & Javascript
  • Game Design
  • Create interactive games and stories

We can adjust many of our programs to fit with your class schedule, curriculum requirements, and budget.

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