Our Summer Virtual Programs come in different shapes and sizes! We offer some one week CAMPS, some SUMMER COURSES with classes occuring once or twice a week and some one session WORKSHOPS.

Now, more than ever, learning about coding and technology is a great way to teach kids and teens valuable skills for tomorrow!

Do you have a question about our Camps, Classes or Workshops? If you don’t see an answer on this page, please feel free to get in touch with us directly: Contact Us

Will you be offering in-person camps as well for the summer?

Sorry, not this year! There may be opportunities that come up in the summer to host some in-person workshops. The best way to keep informed is by by signing up for our Newsletter. You can sign up – just scroll to the bottom of this or any other pages in our website.

What is the ratio of Instructor-to-campers in an Artech Virtual Camp?

We have an Instructor-to-camper ratio of one-to-eight or better in both our virtual camps and in-person camps.

What size are the camp groups?

Most camps can accommodate a maximum of 8 campers with one or two Instructors. Some camps may have as few of 4-6 campers with one Instructor.

Are the Virtual Camps “live” or are they pre-recorded?

Our Virtual camps are “live” and lead by vetted Instructors. 

How long is a camp?

Most of our camps are scheduled to run for one week from Monday to Friday for about an hour and a half each day. A few of our camps are scheduled to run for two weeks, Monday to Friday.

How long is each day’s session?

Each day’s session runs for 1 hours, 1.5 hours or more. The length of time is related to the campers’ ages and/or subject area.

Can I register my child for just one or two days?

Campers are building projects that evolve in complexity from day to day. Some projects can take a few days or a full week to complete. This makes it difficult for us to accept campers for individual days. We do however offer one day workshops. These will be posted at a later date.

What if my child misses a day or part of a day?

All our sessions are recorded and your child will be able to access a recorded session by request. Depending on the child and complexity of the material or lesson, we can sometimes arrange to have one of the Instructors work on-on-one with the child.

My child is very shy and does not want to turn on their webcam during the session. Will that be a problem?

We do encourage all campers to participate in the camps. Part of the camp experience is hearing about what other campers are doing and seeing what other campers are doing. Being able to screen share is very important so that our instructors are able to help out Learners if needed.

My child went to a Scratch camp last summer. Will you be doing the same things again this summer?

For each camp we plan different projects, especially as we offer more than one Scratch camp during the summer months. If you or your child has a concern, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss this with you.

Please note that each summer we update and revise all of our programs and offer a selection of NEW ones as well! 

Virtual Sessions

All of our virtual classes have small class sizes and live instructors to ensure that all of our campers and students are able to succeed and thrive with remote learning!

Camps normally run for one or two weeks Each day’s session runs for 2-3 hours.

Our virtual camps follow a daily schedule with presentations, a mixture of instructional and project related activities and break times!