We’re Going Virtual!

We’re Going Virtual!

Press Release published in The Parent Child Guide  summer 2020

It’s not unusual to hear a nine or ten-year-old talking about becoming a game developer or filmmaker! Just as we nurture our children’s interests in sports or music, we can support their aspirations in digital media.

Creating animations and coding games is empowering at any age. For young people it can give them new ways to share ideas and stories!

Empowering children is especially important during these difficult days brought on by the pandemic! Many young people are experiencing isolation and anxiety.

While opportunities are opening up to gather in small groups, anxiety remains in many households. “Is it safe?” “When will things get back to normal?”

How can we help young people regain their confidence and engage with their peers? Social distancing does not require social isolation. In fact, there are many opportunities made possible via the Internet. Video conferencing by way of Facetime, Google Chat and platforms like Zoom can bring people face-to-face!

Why not consider a virtual camp? A well-run and engaging camp can give your child a dynamic, social experience with peers.

What should parents look for when choosing a camp? Let your child choose the topic: Game design? Animation? Roblox or Minecraft? The best camps are (1) lead by live instructors; (2) offer peer interaction; (3) and an engaging topic!

Is the camp endorsed by parents and campers?

“It [Artech Camps] was fantastic! My daughter loves the project ideas, had fun, and learned lots. We’ve already signed up for another week. She’s been having Zoom calls with friends and teaching them to use Scratch! Thanks for these great camps to keep kids learning and engaged.”   – Robyn, a camper parent

Artech Camps has been offering quality technology camps for more than 15 years! Their virtual camps meet all the best criteria. Artech’s full summer catalog is online at  artechcamps.com.