Program Instructors for Computer Programming & Game Development

Essential Skills: Python, Java, Roblox Lua, C#

Game Development: Gamemaker Studio 2, Roblox, Minecraft Modding, App Development

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Program Instructors for Digital Arts and Animation

Essential Skills: Pixel Art & Animation (Aesprite) 2D Animation (Open Toonz), 3D Modeling (ZBrushCoreMini) and 3D Modeling & Animation (Blender)

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Digital Marketing & Social Media Specialist and YouTube Program Instructor

Essential Skills: Videography, Excellent Presentation Skills and Social Media fluency

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“At Artech Camps, we don’t just accept difference — we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our employees, our campers, and our community. Artech is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace – join us!”